I.V. Tracking Systems (7000 Series)
I.V. Tracking Systems (7000 Series)

Our I.V. Tracking Systems (7000 Series)

7000 Series Ceiling Curtain Track

The Healthcare Curtains 7000 Series IV track systems are designed with the same quality as our 5000 Series tracks. These room or cubicle curtain tracks are suitable for patient rooms with a variety of track configurations to meet different needs.

Heavy-Duty Construction and Flexibility

Healthcare Curtains constructs a variety of different track types to meet each individual application. The tracks are available in straight lengths, 90-degree bends, 45-degree bends, or a custom bend. The nylon carriers are designed with eye-hooks, which enable them to freely roll in the track channel. The end stops and ropout pieces are designed to allow carriers to be changed without removing the entire track.

Difficult obstructions like light fixtures and vents are easily accommodated with the installation of three-quarter-inch tubing and component suspensions. This also means that your track doesn’t necessarily need to be attached to the ceiling and it can be at a fixed height for easier use. The 7000 Series ceiling curtain tracks are made of anodized aluminum and are suitable for grommeted cubicle curtains or IV systems.


With each order from a layout design, you will receive:

  • Extruded anodized aluminum tracks in clear finish
  • 3 carriers per foot of track
  • One end stop
  • One end stop with pullout
  • Other required accessories for complete & operation track system


  • Hospital IV systems
  • Grommeted cubicle curtains (ceiling or suspended mount)