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    • 5.25 $


The number of ways our I.V. tracking systems can be configured are almost limitless.

Configuration 1 is the most common in patient rooms while 3 and 4 are used in patient holding areas that need to be more versatile. All of the bends are made with a 12 radius which is the tightest this track can be bent while still allowing the carrier to travel freely. Standard bend angles include 90 and 45 degrees. Custom bend radius’ and angles are available upon request.I.V. tracking systems.

Volume discounts are available depending on the size of the order. Please call for more details.

Your order will come with 3 carriers per foot of track, 2 end stops, self-tapping #8 screws.

*Note: Track layout designs will be cut for shipping purposes. will be providing splices at no additional charge so customer can connect track together. Straight pieces of track 8’ or less will not be cut and will come in one piece.

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