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Hospital Curtains and Cubical Tracks for Every Setting

Diamond Drapery has been a leading provider of hospital curtains and other products for more than forty years. Customers have depended on us for custom-made curtains that meet every regulatory standard and stand up to the environments they are used in. In addition to standard privacy curtains, we offer branded fabrics, antistatic and anti-microbial curtains, and proprietary cubicle tracks and hangers. Our ability to handle major installations is thanks to our large inventory of products ready to place in any hospital, clinical, or institutional setting.

Proprietary Track Systems

Our 5000 Series is available in 18 different styles to suit the needs of many different settings. Track curtains can be configured can accommodate doorways and beds and can be adapted for ceilings with challenging features. Light fixtures, sloped areas, vents, and other obstructions can be accommodated with the suspension of tubing and components.

Each layout design comes with these components:

  • One end stop
  • One end stop with pullout
  • Three carriers per foot of track
  • Aluminum track channels
  • Any additional materials for complete operation of chosen track system

The 7000 Series is made from anodized aluminum and can be used with grommeted curtains and IV systems. Three standard configurations are available; straight lengths, 45-degree bends, 90-degree bends, and custom bends are available.

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