Curtain Layout and Measurement

Healthcare Curtains is a leading provider of privacy and antimicrobial curtains to hospitals and other health care facilities. We tailor each order to the needs of the client so the finished product most appropriately meets your needs.

Curtain Layouts

Curtains for six different layouts are available; use the following steps to measure the layout found in your facility:

  1. Locate your layout on our chart or create a custom drawing; these are bird’s eye representations
  2. Moving in a clockwise fashion, indicate the length of each segment using A, B, C, etc.
  3. Indicate 90 degree and 45 degree bends where appropriate
  4. Indicate any splices located before and after each bend or on straight segments longer than 8 feet
  5. Unless otherwise noted, all segments should have two end caps
  6. Provide the total length of all segments to confirm calculations

Measuring Curtains

Use the following steps to measure for curtains:

  • Begin with actual floor-to-ceiling height – We take appropriate deductions during fabrications; it is not necessary to send the measurements of existing curtains.
  • Add two feet to width of curtains – Adding two feet to curtain width will ensure ease of use and full privacy; you may need to add more width to accommodate curved tracks.

If you have questions about curtain measurement or fabrication, contact us today.