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Measuring Instructions

Layout Design

  • When designing your track layout always view the track by looking down at the ceiling from above.
  • Make sure you look for anything that would be in the way of the track (fire sprinklers, light fixtures and vents, etc.)
  • In the event you have obstructions you will need to change your layout or you will need to use suspension track.
  • Please check cubicle track layout diagrams to see where you need to measure.
  • If you have multiple layouts and designs please provide a rough sketch and email or fax to us. We can provide discounts on volume orders.
  • Please note that our standard bends are 90 degrees or 45 degrees. Custom bends are available upon request; half-moon radius bends are available at an additional cost.
  • When measuring your track for the radius and leg make sure to start at the top of the radius.