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Managing Hospital Acquired Infection With Curtains
Managing Hospital Acquired Infection With Curtains

Managing Hospital Acquired Infection With Curtains

Hospitals are sites where infection needs to be carefully managed to prevent its spreads. Hospital-acquired infection tends to be especially dangerous, so preventing its spread is a concern of all healthcare personnel. Antimicrobial surfaces are a valuable tool in the fight against infection and many hospitals and healthcare facilities are now implementing them.

Controlling Infection and Contamination

Infection can be introduced through a variety of sources in care settings, including catheters and ventilators. Although much research remains to be done, so far we know some important facts:

  • Sepsis in the ICU continues to rise
  • Infection strongly predicts mortality
  • The longer patients are in the ICU, the higher their incidence of infection is likely to be
  • Items with a high instance of handling by personnel, such as catheters predispose patients to infection

The handling of surfaces and items by healthcare personnel is linked to the spread of infection in patients. Using antimicrobial curtains such as those from Healthcare Curtains is a reasonable way to break this chain of contact.

Ordering Curtains for Your Facility

We make curtains customized to the needs of each organization. Additionally, we offer track and other supplies required for successful and easy use of these important curtains. Contact us today to order curtains for your care setting.