Accurately Measuring Hospital Privacy Curtains
Accurately Measuring Hospital Privacy Curtains

Accurately Measuring Hospital Privacy Curtains

The curtains used to create privacy cubicles in healthcare settings must be measured and hung with a great deal of accuracy. Doing so accomplishes these four very important goals:

  • Assures compliance with current fire and safety code standards
  • Ensures optimal operation of fire sprinklers and other safety features
  • Facilitates effective workflow for personnel
  • Enhances patient comfort through the provision of privacy

These goals are only met when hospital curtain measuring is done correctly. Following these tips will help you measure accurately.

Measuring Curtain Length

Three inches of clearance between the ceiling mounted curtain track and the top of the curtain is typical; this clearance is created by the curtain carriers that slide along the track. Curtain length stops 9 – 15 inches above the floor. Therefore, a good standard is to subtract 12 – 18 inches from the total floor-to-ceiling height of a room and use that number as the curtain length.

Measuring Curtain Width

Privacy curtains never remain taut when closed; they always hang with a slight ripple. This allows for easy handling of the material and eliminates the need to tug curtains into an exact location for full privacy. Consider ordering curtains that are at least 15% wider than the cubicle track, rounding up when in doubt.

Placing Your Order

When ordering, simply input the desired length and width; we sell curtains in increments of one foot. Need help? Contact us at any time.