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As a leading provider of top quality curtains for healthcare facilities across the country, Healthcare Curtains understands the importance of offering soft, inviting colors in a variety of palettes and designs that allow our customers to find just the right look for their facilities every time they place an order. The Autumn pattern is no exception, and it includes several of our most popular curtain features.

The Autumn curtain is made of AVORA FR BlendTM Polyester yarn for 100% inherent and permanent flame resistance as part of NPFA 701 small scale fire retardant test standards. Where possible, they also make use of post-consumer recycled materials. The Autumn curtain also includes these other key features:

  • Dyed color
  • Print Weave
  • 58” width
  • Customizable length
  • Useful for draperies and valances as well as cubicle curtains
  • 100 percent polyester

The soft blues, greens, and yellow tones in the Autumn pattern provide an extra accent without creating overly harsh or jarring images in your environment, making them ideal for both work and patient spaces. Check out the assortment of tracks available on site while you are here, and make sure you have everything you need to install your new curtains after your order is completed. Our top-quality tracks are built to work seamlessly with our curtain designs, providing a sturdy and satisfying performance under heavy use conditions.

We recommend the following:

  • Use actual floor to ceiling height: Deductions take place during fabrication. A standard 1’ deduction will be taken off from the curtain whether you order with mesh or not. For example if you have an 8’ ceiling you will receive a 7’ curtain. Do not give us the actual curtain length desired because you will receive a curtain that is too short. If you have questions please call us and we will be happy to help.
  • Add 2 feet to width of curtains. To add fullness to the curtains, we recommend adding 2 feet to the width. For curved tracks, you may need to add more.

Our curtains are available without mesh to meet the fire code standards for sprinkler penetration or with mesh (on solid fabric only). All curtains feature nickel-plated grommets set 6 inches apart. Curtains with mesh have a 20 inch mesh portion. This means that a curtain 96 inches long will have 20 inches of mesh and 76 inches of fabric.

2 – 3 weeks

Because all of our privacy curtains are made to order, there is a two to three week lead time for each order. This lead time may be longer if the chosen fabric is currently out of stock. Our team will inform you as soon as possible if the lead time requires an extension.

Learn how to care for your curtains with this helpful Cubical Curtain Care PDF.
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